More about Adam Searcy

Hi! My name is Adam Searcy, and I am really glad you are interested in my blog!

Today I am a professional civil engineer specializing in major transportation project management and project delivery.
I work as a Senior Project Manager at the Nevada Department of Transportation. My primary purpose as a Project Manager is to facilitate the cooperative efforts of teams of professionals to deliver innovative and valuable civil engineering solutions.

That is who I am today and what I am learning and striving to become in the future. But as we all know, the destination is rarely as rich as the journey. My past has shaped me into the Project Manager I am today and the one I hope to become.

Growing up in the Midwest I learned quickly the value of hard work and often pushed the boundaries both set for me and by me. In Reno, NV I cut my teeth in the fast paced land development world in the early 2000’s and found out the hard way how to, and how not to be truly great.

Today, coupled with that experience and knowledge I begin to blend the structured wisdom that comes from a public agency like the Nevada Department of Transportation with the ‘win at all costs’ mentality I have crossed paths with many times earlier in my professional career to reach truly successful and truly valuable solutions to some of today’s most challenging transportation and other project management issues.

I hope to challenge you to be truly great in facing your professional challenges with this blog. If you find any of this content useful to find your solutions, please let me know and share your successes!

Go For It!



One response to “More about Adam Searcy

  1. Hi Adam,

    I chanced upon your site from reading a recent comment you had posted on another awesome blog ( My comment was just prior to yours on that site.

    I admire you enthusiasm for project management. Although I have been both a team leader and project lead in my prior job, the position continues to scare me and energize me both at the same time. Nowadays, a project has to be really exciting to me in order to get me to be mildly interested in keeping track of other people’s deadlines, gantt charts, and the like. And what might such a project be? Oh I don’t know…how about something related to saving the world? 🙂

    I’ll bookmark your site and start to read more about your stuff. You caught my attention when, in your vlog above, you said that you were a project manager who was uniquely “disinterested in the status quo and rules in general”. I thought to myself, “I like the guy already.” Ok, well, by this I don’t mean that we should all be total rebels in the workplace. What I mean is that clearly, we should be doing the right things and working well with people by being authentic rather than kissing up or kicking down (and I think you might mean the same thing).



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