Monthly Archives: August 2013

Slow down and FOCUS!

Lately I have been multi-tasking like a champ. Unfortunately, that is only coming across as a positive in my mind. The reality is that so many aspects of my life are suffering because of my partial-attention they are being paid. I’m realizing today the value of true and singular focus. 

A big part of my PM / Leadership blogs has to do with listening. This is a perfect example of an area that has been suffering due to my multi-tasking. And to those who I am “listening” to while checking my smartphone, it is painfully obvious (and insulting). 

Just using the listening / smartphone example, please take this blog to heart even for half a day and try to “uni-task”. Not sure if I’m officially coining that term, but I’m trying this week to go the extra yard to eliminate potential attention temptations like email and focus on ONE THING at a TIME. Every productivity study out there will scientifically support the incremental value and overall efficiency that this will result in. You will see it yourself (and I hope I do too!)

You (and those in your life – both personally and professionally) are worth it. Give them 100% and it’ll pay off in many ways. Multi-tasking may have its places, but it can be as bad a habit and addictive as caffeine and cigarettes. Take a careful inventory of your current multi-tasking habits and see if you can’t take a half day or better this week to slow down and FOCUS. It’ll take practice, just like jogging, but you will get better and stronger and reap the rewards.