LifecycleCosts – The Value of Doing it Right the First Time

Scope Creep is a fun catchphrase for all young Project Managers to learn and learn to fear. Often PM’s can maintain their steely focus of meeting project schedule and budget that the idea of adding a dollar today to save ten tomorrow is out of the question. I’m not trying to discuss the importance of quality control today, although that is hugely important. I’m trying to highlight the opportunities that are often missed by inflexible PM’s who miss out on huge opportunities for their organization.

Of course, the counterpoint to this are the millions of projects who have been “gold-plated” or over-sold only to arrive over budget with a Cadillac which was never wanted nor needed. The PMBOK scripture regarding scope creep was borne out of many a failed project and should be ingrained as a firm line against change without approval. It is only through this approval or some combination of experience, wisdom and judgement that you will begin to see these scope-change opportunities rather than 100% evil.

Please just take this brief blog as a reminder to take every question or suggestion as an opportunity. Such scope change is not an invitation to circumvent your change processes, but it shouldn’t be stifled immediately as unfeasible or a detriment to your project.

Change is hard but it’s not always bad…that applies to your scope as well. If it hasn’t physically been constructed, it might not be to late to do it right the first time!


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