Monthly Archives: June 2013

Keep Your Composure…calm always wins

How many of you have been exposed to the confrontational manager. Many come off as bullies, but many simply feel like they are “doing their job” by setting deadlines and putting team members on the spot for their achievements or lack thereof. So many managers are hard-driving personalities which, among the many pressures of their positions, often comes a bit of emotion. This is where you lose your team. 

I have to admit that I have had success with this hard-driving approach in the past myself and I have seen it implemented successfully many times. Leading to a false-positive sort of conclusion with regards to its effectiveness. Fortunately, I have also seen this style over several long-term trend instances as well as several counter-examples sufficient to prove its fallacy. Conclusion – calm always wins. 

That is not to say that emotion is unwarranted. I don’t believe that are achieving all that you are truly capable of if you are excluding or suppressing you emotions within your workplace. But there is a fine line between controlling those emotions and letting them control you. This is an area of Leadership and Management which truly can be taught and learned. Begin keeping this near the forefront of all of your interactions with your team members and co-workers. Exceptional project teams will be faced with many, many challenging, emotionally charged situations. Your ability to remain firm yet calm; concerned yet optimistic will win the day.