Turning Humility on its Head

If you are doing a good job as a project manager, you are accepting responsibility for failure, taking constructive criticism to heart to lead to meaningful change, and celebrating your projects’ successes as a function of your team’s individual contributions. Humility in general, I believe is an important trait for a successful project manager. For every story of a selfless leader, there are ten of the arrogant, self-centered PM who is quick to blame and even quicker to take credit.

In this post, however, I want to take a moment to encourage all PM’s to look inward once again and this time with a more congratulatory approach. In our incessant efforts to improve, exceed expectations and succeed we can get a little light on our own perspectives related to achievement. This isn’t to say that we should rest on our laurels or become complacent in any respect. In fact for many, that desire or competitive spirit or simply passion is what must be stoked to reach our potential. However like refreshing a resume after a major project closeout or prior to an interview, it is just as important personally to take stock in our achievements as it is to applaud and praise our team members.

So take a break today, if even for a moment and reflect this week on your journey. All of the obstacles, milestones and successes you have experienced over the past weeks, months and years. Are you giving yourself enough credit? At least personally? Life will not be getting any easier, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. What’s just as important is that you take a step back once in a while and recognize that even though the treadmill keeps spinning faster and faster, that you are now sprinting and many of your colleagues are still thinking about breaking into a jog.



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