You’re Not Giving Yourself Enough Credit

It’s been a great day…it’s been a terrible day. Regardless of the results, chances are you’re not giving yourself enough credit.

Let’s start with the more frequently discussed side of the coin; failure. Many a leadership blog out there has discussed the need for more responsibility to be taken by the team leaders and less blame to be a part of any project failures. Internal locus of control. First take a look in the mirror and question how you could have done things differently and contributed to a more successful outcome. Did you not explain the objectives clearly enough? Were these outcomes too nebulous and immeasurable? At the end of this introspection, the correct determination is that it was your fault. That may be a bit of a harsh characterization, but essentially it describes the point. Something, somewhere along the line, you could have improved upon, leading to a more successful result. It is only within your true believe in this conclusion that you will find meaningful improvement within yourself; and ultimately within your teams.

Conversely, the same exercise should be conducted in the event of a more positive outcome or success. And frankly, the same conclusion should be reached. This is typically a downplayed side of the internal locus of control coin in my opinion. If ultimately at the root of failures are your actions, so your actions must be at the root of successes. They are.

It is right to emphasize the need for humility, teamwork, proper recognition, etc. but let’s not lose sight of the fact that all of the hard work and lessons you have learned from your past experiences and failures have substantially contributed to today’s outcomes.

So the next time you are disappointed, take a long hard look in the mirror before you assign any responsibility other than your own to the outcome. AND the next time you are pleased with an outcome; don’t sell yourself short. I believe that people often have a general tendency to sell themselves short…whether the results are good OR bad.


2 responses to “You’re Not Giving Yourself Enough Credit

  1. Good blog. It’s hard to give ourselves credit.

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