Mark Estee – Gets It

This week I had the true pleasure of listening to Mark Estee, Owner and Executive Chef at Campo – a great new restaurant in Reno. Beneath it all; the passion, the charisma, the skill, and the compassion, Mark clearly “Gets It”. Speaking from a business standpoint, this guy is going places. I hope that I can finish my MBA with half the true knowledge that Mark conveyed to our class this week.

I know, I couldn’t be less precise, nor do I intend to clarify much. I may not be the greatest judge of character ever, but I feel like I know a bit of it when I see it. I’m telling you. This guy’s got it!

As I mentioned above, there are many intangibles that go into being truly successful in any business or profession. Most of these, Mark clearly commands as well. But it wasn’t long into his spirited presentation that it was clear that he wasn’t guessing, he wasn’t bullshitting us, and he wasn’t unsure of himself. He knows what it takes to run a great team, a great organization, and a great business. He had it down cold and believed in himself and his approach 110%. Truly inspiring.

That said, he also professed to having a similar level of wisdom 5-10 years ago. The problem he also discussed was that he was wrong. He had all of the intangibles back then as well as now, but he was missing the point. Never wrong and unwilling to listen, he learned the hard way. Fortunately his talent kept him afloat until he closed his mouth and opened his ears. The first step towards becoming truly great for all of us.

So if you are in town, try to stop by Campo for a meal. If for no other reason than to support a guy who is doing it right. Surround yourself with and support those folks who get it and are doing it right. It makes the rest of us that much better for it.


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