Just Ask

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to Laura Zander of Jimmy Bean’s Wool speak about her entrepreneurial experiences. She is a tremendous individual with exceptional intelligence and seemingly boundless energy. My takeaway from her talk, interwoven within many life and business lessons on networking, hard work, and frugality was the incredibly simple and frequently overlooked option to, “Just Ask”.

In few discreet examples Laura described how her continuous application of this option has opened doors to her company that not only she never believed would be opened, but never realized were there. She didn’t know until she asked. Frankly, I was struck by the simplicity of this option and dismayed by the complicated distant relative that my own approach to innovation, continuous improvement and/or life in general has a tenancy to become. It’s really not that complicated. Nor am I really that smart. Just go ahead and ask. Brilliant.

For this once, let’s not strategize our approach. Let’s not discuss the ideal framework for your questions. Let’s not hyper-analyze the audience or the social media medium or the “conversation”. Let’s just ask the damn question.


–          No one will know what you want if you never ask

–          The worst they can say is no

–          It only takes one person to say yes

How about Why NOT?

It was a refreshing splash of reality from the real world and it hopefully will lead to my more earnest and frequent inquiries in my business and personal life. When’s the last time you asked a semi-rhetorical, spontaneous question and were floored when the answer was yes? It is really that simple and all you have to do is ask!


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