Project Management … rules are made to be BENT?

Everyone knows the young (and not so young) PM out there with the extra hard-charging, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer style. Do these folks get results? Sure. But at what cost?

In this blog I am going to explore this balance. The balance between breaking the rules… and bending them. Whatever your constraints, they likely weren’t created just for the sheer joy of frustrating you. These are frequently legitimate lines drawn after years of experience or monumental failures meant to produce a quality product (or at least avoid a repeat disaster). But often, after years of such wisdom accumulation, we find ourselves so strangled in red tape and steeped in process that we yearn to bust loose and break all the rules!

Today, and for the foreseeable future I am going explore with you where I have seen these lines drawn, where I have cut through the red tape, how that has lead me to great successes, some hard lessons learned, and how I hope to re-write some Project Management rules in the future.

At the end of each day, I want you to each be able to feel like you succeeded. Even in the smallest milestones, we can find victories. When roadblocks appear at every turn, I want to explore the use of a completely new road rather than that stick of dynamite to clear the way. This isn’t about taking one step forward and two steps back either. It’s going to be about consistent questioning, constant improvement and a healthy respect for doing a quality job.

Please notice I said, “doing a quality job.” I did not say “doing things the right way.” I’m looking forward to finding the most efficient solutions when there are many, most effective solutions when there appears to be only one, and the improbable solutions when even one appears to be impossible.


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